Voice Biometrics - The strongest method of Authentication.
Voice-Identity verifies your identity using biometrics to accomplish single-sign-on to your corporate network or favorite website.
  • No guessing allowed. An attacker cannot randomly pick your 'chosen picture' to access your account.
  • Dynamic Challenge guards against replay attacks.
  • Nobody who knows your SSN and mother's maiden name will break into your account.

We have 3 versions of single-sign-on products available.
  • Sign-up for VIdentifier-Lite - its Free. You will either see or hear advertising during login.
  • VIdentifier-Premium is only $4.99 / month, and is advertisement-free. Use your computer's microphone to access your account.
  • Sign up for VIdentifier-Ultimate - only $9.99 / month. We will call you at the pre-arranged phone number of your choice during login.

Start using Voice-Identity by enrolling your Voice-print. In the process your voice-print is formed, and then kept secure off-site.
After enrolling, each time you login to your favorite Voice-Identity Integrated (tm) website, Voice Identity checks for your credential - special stored information that proves you logged in with your voice from that device before. If this is the first time you logged in from that site, you must use your voice to verify your identity. A fresh credential is then established and stored on your computer. Voice-Identity has several processes in-place to prevent attackers from accessing your accounts, even if they steal your computer.
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