We Strive for Excellence
Our team is comprised of world class leaders in voice verification, online advertising, audio advertising, and 24x7 management of online software as a service.

Build your career at Voice Identity
Are you a passionate, entrepreneurial-minded person with skills in on-line advertisement, software services, or technical support? Come join our fast-paced team. Send your resume to careers@voice-identity.com.

Our executive team is committed to securing of your personal identity and your employees on a corporate level. Our products are designed to help thwart fraudsters and identity thieves. Below are quotes from our executive team.

Karl D. Gierach | President and CEO
"Voice-Identity is the 'salesforce-dot-com' of Voice Biometrics, delivering lowest cost of pilot and deployment."

Ashish Shanker | VP of Business Development
"We have designed our service for high accuracy and high availability. Our job is to transform your digital life - making your account access easier and more secure."

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